March 1, 2021

Episode Four: Fall of a City Final

The fourth and final episode in our series on Troy: Fall of a City, discussing episodes seven and eight. Thank god.

We repeated a number of things we've been saying all the way along in our final notes in this last episode about Fall of a City, but we hopefully have managed to do so in a clear and synthesized way. Thanks for coming on this four-episode journey with us, and we'll be back in two weeks with, at last, some new material! 

Also, hit us up on Twitter @ClassicallyPod, where we'll be doing a wrap-up thread with some pictures of the absolutely garbage costuming from this show, so that you all can finally see what we've been complaining about.


ONE MINOR CORRECTION: At around 55:55 Julia says "Odysseus arranges", which should have been "Achilles arranges". Sorry about that, folks!

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