This episode, we discuss a playlist of Mountain Goats songs that contain classical reference, and are generally enthusiastic about the whole thing. This is a somewhat different episode than our previous ones, because we're discussing a mixed bag of media, but we had a lot of fun!

Find the playlist here. 



This statue.

This Mountain Goats tweet.


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Finally we're back with NEW MATERIAL! This episode is our (brisk but fruitful) discussion of the first Percy Jackson Book, The Lightning Thief. It also contains our entry into the #discourse about Medusa.


As mentioned in the intro, you may notice that we had some audio issues with this episode! We did our best to correct it but we think there was some sort of mic malfunction, and unfortunately we're still polishing our audio editing skills. Hopefully it's not too annoying to listen to, and we should be back to our usual quality next episode.


Also, a minor correction: we were, indeed, pronouncing Rick Riordan's name wrong, and looking it up made it worse rather than better. Thanks, Google. Sorry, Mr. Riordan. We'll get it right when we do our episode on Sea of Monsters.

The fourth and final episode in our series on Troy: Fall of a City, discussing episodes seven and eight. Thank god.

We repeated a number of things we've been saying all the way along in our final notes in this last episode about Fall of a City, but we hopefully have managed to do so in a clear and synthesized way. Thanks for coming on this four-episode journey with us, and we'll be back in two weeks with, at last, some new material! 

Also, hit us up on Twitter @ClassicallyPod, where we'll be doing a wrap-up thread with some pictures of the absolutely garbage costuming from this show, so that you all can finally see what we've been complaining about.


ONE MINOR CORRECTION: At around 55:55 Julia says "Odysseus arranges", which should have been "Achilles arranges". Sorry about that, folks!

In this episode, we discuss Troy: Fall of a City episodes 4, 5, and 6, and how they handled THE ENTIRE PLOT OF THE ILIAD. Yes, in only three episodes of television. Spoilers: it was pretty bad.


Feat. translation theory, Julia's continued strong opinions about Achilles, and Allison's favourite piece of pottery!

The second part of our four-part series on Troy: Fall of a City, covering episodes two and three of that show. 


It's still bad! But at least we don't have any corrections this week.

The first of a four part series on the Netflix original series Troy: Fall of a City, covering episode one of that show.


Two small corrections to things we said in this episode: first, women did sometimes give birth lying down. Second, there is some evidence to suggest that the Greeks did know about India as early as the Classical period (roughly the 500s BCE), but Alexander was the first substantial contact between the Mediterranean and India.

January 18, 2021

Episode Zero: Meet the Hosts

An optional listening experience for those who are interested in learning a bit more about the hosts.

We discuss our academic and personal backgrounds and some info about what sort of things we're thinking about when we talk about media. Also, there's some waffle about theory.

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